Oakland Police Department

Eastmont Precinct 

Oakland, CA


   When the Oakland Police Department required a new facility in East Oakland, a vacant retail store with plenty of parking space below presented a good opportunity. However, the structural challenge was to convert a 1960's retail structure into a police facility that would meet the essential provisions of the current code. The retail level formerly was braced by rod bracing and a long-span wood-framed roof structure. To meet current code provisions, the spans of the diaphragm needed to be reduced, which was accomplished with the installation of new interior braced frames. Additionally, existing rod braces were replaced with heavy tube steel braces. The floor structure, consisting of post-tension concrete, also required extensive renovation to accommodate new stair and elevator openings and a new atrium. Between this floor and ground level, the former structure was braced only by the supporting columns; in the renovated structure, many new sheer walls have been added to stiffen and strengthen the building. The former parking lot at the lower level has been converted for vehicle storage and maintenance.  


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