Orinda Library, 

Orinda Community Center

Orinda, CA


   This building replaces the existing Orinda Library with a two-story 30,800 square foot modern structure. The adjacent grand stair and plaza link the library to the Orinda Community Center. 

   Special construction considerations included the accommodation of a sloping site, clear spanning the stack areas and conference rooms, and bracing of the storage stacks. The facility consists of two levels. The lower level includes parking, offices, and storage space, and is constructed of steel framing and braced with concentric steel X and chevron braces.

   The roof incorporates many skylights and changes in height and form to define the various types of spaces within the open portion of the library. One of the main features of the building is a 90 foot diameter circular roof structure over the lobby. The approximate cost is $3.5 million. 



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