Nueva School New Gymnasium

Hillsborough, CA



   The new gymnasium building consists of 13,000 square feet of new construction. The gymnasium contains a junior high school multi-purpose ball court and support spaces to be used for physical education, school athletic events, and school-related or sponsored functions. The building is partially below grade on two sides where storage and utility spaces occur. A second floor space includes offices and mechanical equipment. The total construction cost was approximately $3 million.

The structure consists of wood framing supported by exposed steel trusses in the main roof area, and heavy timber exposed wood framing the ancillary areas. The ground level is a pier supported concrete slab on grade.

   For the exposed wood portion of the structure, all connections are hidden such that only bolts, nails, and pins show.

   The large exposed steel trusses feature rod members for tension elements and double angles for chords and webs. The top chord forms the ridge of the roof, while the bottom chord is a segmented ellipse shape.

   The project was completed in March, 2000.

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