Children's Hospital 

Parking Structure

Oakland, CA


   Fratessa Forbes Wong was retained by Children's Hospital to provide a cost-effective design for an 800-car multi-story parking facility. 

   Working with Ratcliff Architects, an innovative design was developed to meet the unique functional and esthetic requirements for the project. The local neighborhood and hospital were concerned with the scale and look of the structure, and did not want any "ramping" telegraphed on the exterior of the garage. 

   A solution was developed that combined playful architectural ornament with functional and efficient structure. Post-tensioned cast-in-place long-span slabs were used for floor construction, and cast-in-place concrete shear walls provided lateral bracing. Stair wells were constructed of contrasting concrete masonry, and pre-cast concrete and metal ornament were used at the building's perimeter. The design received an Award of Excellence from the Portland Cement Association in 1992. 


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